Activities / Dragonfly Award 2005

When receiving the 2005 Dragonfly Award, Kumeyaay Elder Jane Dumas stressed the importance of traditional cultures in the modern world. Photo by Douglas Park






Photo by Richard Bugbee

Jane Dumas, respected elder, teacher, and leader in San Diego, is a direct descendant of Chief Manuel Hatam, Kumeyaay leader of a village located in what is now Balboa Park.
Kumeyaay is her first language. She has helped keep the language and culture alive by teaching Kumeyaay people and all others from the community, including children. She has generously shared her knowledge of medicine and the traditional uses of plants. Most knowledge came from her mother, Isabel Thing, a great healer and expert on medicinal uses of plants.

Jane helped found the San Diego American Indian Health Center and worked there as a Traditional Medicine Specialist. She has been described as an anchor, leader, peace-maker, a bridge between Indian and non-Indian. She always has been eager to preserve Indian cultures and to share her own.

Photo by Douglas Park

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