Photo by Pat Murkland, Ushkana Press

Dorothy Ramon Learning Center President Ernest Siva teaches flute music during the Native American Flute-Making Workshop at Idyllwild Arts.






Southern California's natural world is filled with unpredictable earthquakes, fires, floods, and other calamities. The Cahuilla people believe that before the Moon Maiden, 'Elká Ménill, went up to the skies, she brought order to the world by teaching people many laws for good living. She gave the people laws for marriage, and cleanliness, and gave them medicines.

And she gave the creativity and beauty of the arts. The Moon Maiden gave the beauty of basketry.

Many of the Moon's lessons were told through games and in songs. In fact, the First Cultures had a song for just about everything. Because history wasn't written down, it passed from generation to generation through stories and songs. Songs tell history, give rules, accompany tasks. They are essential to sacred ceremonies. They are essential to identity.

Dorothy Ramon Learning Center will celebrate the arts here, sharing their beauty with you.